Thanks — and Come Visit!

Thank you to The Volokh Conspiracy for allowing me to guest blog this week about economic liberty and the law. Economic freedom is one of the most crucial of human rights, and it is a shame that government violates this right in so many ways today, and with little serious opposition by the courts that are supposed to protect our rights.

Check out the new Right to Earn A Living book page, and if you haven’t joined our Facebook page, please do so today!

I hope readers will check out PLF Liberty Blog for more updates on the cases I and my Pacific Legal Foundation colleagues are litigating. Also, in the coming weeks I’ll be speaking at events across the country, and would love to meet any VC readers or PLF supporters. I’ll be speaking in Boston on Tuesday, Hartford on Wednesday, Portland and Brewer, Maine, on Thursday, and again in Boston on Friday. Check out the book page for a full schedule of future talks in those and other cities across the country.

Please also drop by my personal blog, Freespace, and Panda’s Thumb, where I sometimes write about creationsim/evolution issues.

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