A Light Springs from the Shadows

There is plenty of bad news in the world today. But one recent piece of really great news is that Peter Jackson’s film version of The Hobbit, has finally been greenlighted and is scheduled to begin filming in February 2011 [HT: fellow legal academic Tolkien fan Steve Bainbridge]. Apparently, Jackson has managed to settle the labor union problems that threatened to further delay production.

As Tolkien might have said, this is truly a sign that “A light from the shadows shall spring.” Not all those who wander are lost, including Peter Jackson.

Perhaps it’s not too late to include a part for co-blogger Randy Barnett, who has previous experience in sci fi/fantasy roles. I myself would be happy to sign on as a consultant on Middle Earth property law.

On a (slightly) more serious note, I can’t wait to see the movie. Jackson did an excellent job with the Lord of the Rings films, and I have high expectations for this project as well.

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