Any Michigan Appellate Lawyers Who Could Act as Local Counsel on an Amicus Brief?

An unusual bleg (OK, less unusual than before)): I’d like to file a pro bono amicus brief in a Second Amendment case in the next few months in the Michigan Court of Appeals, and I was wondering whether any of you might be willing to do me a favor by being pro bono local counsel. I’d basically need someone who could either co-sign the brief or support a pro hac vice application (depending on what is most sensible given Michigan practice), who could answer some simple questions about formatting and procedure, and could take care of the physical filing. I doubt that there’d be any conflict difficulties for any of you, since the case is a criminal prosecution. And it’s no hurry; the brief is likely going to be due in three or four months.

If you are indeed potentially interested, please e-mail me at volokh at law dot ucla dot edu and let me know — I’d then let you know more about the case, so you can make sure that this is indeed something you would like to do. Many thanks!

UPDATE: Thanks very much to those who responded; I’ve arranged things with one of the people I heard from, and it looks I’m all set now. Much appreciate the help.