Faculty Positions at George Mason

I’m chairing GMUSL’s faculty appointments committee this year, and, barring unexpected budgetary vagaries, we do have some entry-level positions open. The purpose of this post is to solicit application from potential candidates who are not otherwise on the market via the AALS process.

To apply, please send your materials to me at deliotb@gmail.com and also visit http://jobs.gmu.edu/ and apply for position F9054z. George Mason University is an equal opportunity employer encouraging diversity.


Q. What if I am on the market via the AALS process?
A. This solicitation is not meant for you, though of course we are also plowing through the c.v.s of candidates who are on the market. Please do NOT communicate with me through the above email address.

Q. Why should I apply to George Mason if I’m not planning to go on the market until next year?
A. This year we have positions open. We may not next year. This may be your only bite at this particular apple. If the idea of being a tenure-track professor at George Mason is sufficiently attractive to you that you would consider foregoing whatever opportunities you may have next year, go for it!

Q. If I apply this year and nothing comes of it, does that mean that George Mason would never consider me again?
A. No. I know of several members of my faculty, myself included, who were passed over by George Mason once, but were hired later.

Q. Do you really hire people who don’t go through the AALS/meat market?
A. Yes. This includes our newest colleague, Elina Treyger, among others. Because of our geographical advantages and our unique intellectual environment, many candidates over the years have accepted offers from us before they had an opportunity to participate in the “meat market.” This posting is a way of trying to more systematically identify interested candidates who are not officially on the market.

Q. George Mason has a reputation for being very law and economics-oriented. Do you only hire candidates who “do” law and economics?
A. No, though of course we continue to welcome law and economics scholars.

Q. Is George Mason limiting its search to candidates in any particular field?
A. No. Our general hiring policy is to find the “best available athletes,” though of course if your teaching interests happen to meet our current needs, so much the better.

Q. Are you looking for any particular credentials?
A. The “usual” for law school hiring: an excellent academic background and proven record of scholarly achievement, including law review and other publications. You can visit our faculty page here and look up the assistant professors to get an idea of the sorts of candidates we’ve hired over the last several years.

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