WI Supreme Court Altercation Ends Not with a Bang, But a Whimper

This past June a disagreement between two justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court allegedly turned physical. Official inquiries were launched and the matter was referred to a special prosecutor. That inquiry has concluded, the Journal-Sentinel reports, and no criminal charges will be filed.

“The totality of the facts and the circumstances and all of the evidence that I reviewed did not support my filing criminal charges,” Sauk County District Attorney Patricia Barrett said in an interview Thursday.

Bradley has said Prosser put her in a “chokehold” during a June argument over a case in her chambers. Others have said Bradley came at Prosser with fists raised and he put up his hands to block her or push her back. . . .

“After a complete review of the documents and photos, listening to the audio interview and meeting with (the Dane County detective), I have determined that no criminal charges will be filed against either Justice Bradley or Justice Prosser for the incident on June 13, 2011,” Barrett wrote

A separate investigation is also being conducted by the Wisconsin Judicial Commission, but there is no word as to when this investigation might conclude.

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