Justice Frankfurter Writes A Former Student During WWII

Regular readers know of my love for antiquarian law books, an interest that extends to letters and court documents. See here and here, for example. One favorite recent acquisition is this letter that Justice Felix Frankfurter wrote during World War II to a former student who was serving in the military:

Scan 9

Dated August 24, 1944, the letter reads:

Dear Lieutenant Fleischer,

You are wholly right in assuming that I follow with warm interest the progress of former students, and it was thoughtful of you to let me share your good [news? deeds?]. I have no doubt that you will look back with genuine satisfaction to your service for your country in such a cause as this war signifies.

With Every Good Wish,
Felix Frankfurter

I would guess that Lieutenant Fleischer is Malcolm L. Fleischer, a Jewish lawyer who graduated from Harvard Law School in 1932. According to some biographical information I found for him online, Fleischer went to CUNY for college, and he served for four years in the military and and exited as a First Lieutenant. He subsequently worked at a law firm and for a judge, and he later became a lawyer and lobbyist for the tobacco industry. He died in 1997.

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