“Why Won’t Christian Men Date Women Who Go to Their Church?”

I found this column quite interesting, even though I’m not religious and never dealt with this problem myself. (I suppose my interest in relations between the sexes is ecumenical.)

My sense is that some of the column’s observations reflect some of the problems with dating one’s coworkers or classmates, but it seems to me that there are also important differencesL The very fact that church is supposed to be a community for people with shared moral values, which seems to cut in favor of people trying to meet prospective spouses there, might well make it a more dangerous (or at least a differently dangerous) place to look for such prospective spouses. But I’d love to hear what readers who have had such experiences — or experiences with dating, or choosing not to date, at synagogue — have to say. Thanks to InstaPundit for the pointer.

UPDATE: I originally failed to link to the column; sorry about that.

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