My Upcoming Appearance on the Bob Zadek Show, Discussing the Gay Marriage Litigation

Tommorrow from noon to 1 PM Pacific time (3-4 Eastern), I will be appearing on Bob Zadek’s talk radio show in San Francisco to talk about the gay marriage litigation and other related issues. Zadek is a libertarian political commentator and lawyer who hosts a weekly talk show devoted to various political and legal issues. Details on how to listen and call in are available here, including a way to listen through the internet if you are in the San Francisco area.

For my argument that bans on gay marriage are constitutionally suspect because they discriminate on the basis of sex, see here and here. In this series of posts from 2008-09, I explained why gay marriage lawsuits (at least at the state level) have been a net plus for the cause of gay rights, despite the political backlash that they generated.

We will likely discuss both questions during the show, as well as others, such as whether or not government should be involved in the business of defining marriage at all.

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