What Were They Thinking — The Supreme Court in Revue, OT2011

The new phonebook’s here!  The new phonebook’s here!

As some of you know, I have sporadically done semi-humorous and often factual Supreme Court Term-end wrap-ups.  The fifth installment in this eminently deletable series is now available at the Green Bag.  This is the first I’ve done with a co-author, which may help explain why it’s being published before late September.

Because electrons are cheap, and because I know that for many, the void in your life is too big to be filled by a 5,000-word article, we are also making available online the “extended dance remix” version of the article, also known as the “unedited,” “bloated,” or “needlessly self-indulgent” version.  So here, for whatever meager enjoyment you might wring from them, are both versions: regular, and the Baconator.

Oh, and before I get tons of complaints about “Michael Phelps (2012),” that’s intended to be ironic.  His performance, like the opinion in FCC v. Fox, is safely characterized as “a big deal.”

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