Earring to Cufflink Converter?

So here’s what I really need — well, actually, what I really want: A pair of cufflink bases into which I could stick a pair of earrings. I like wearing cufflinks, but there are so many more earrings available than cufflinks (and generally cheaper, too). If I could only have this sort of earring-to-cufflink converter, I could just buy earrings and wear them as cufflinks.

Naturally, the earrings would need to be the right size (roughly cufflink-front-sized, rather than a big hoop). They would need to be rigid studs, rather than dangly or floppy. And I’d need to like the design. But my sense is that lots of earrings would fit that description.

A quick search showed that there are earring to clip-on converters; this would be the same principle, but with a cufflink back rather than a clip-on back. But I couldn’t find any actual off-the-shelf earring to cufflink converters. Any suggestions? Is this the sort of thing that I could get custom-made? (I’d only need one pair, if they really work.)

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