Blogospheric Rubbernecking

Paul Campos may have closed his “Inside the Law School Scam” blog, but his longstanding feud with Brian Leiter continues (see here and here), and is spilling over onto other blogs.  If you ask me, it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

UPDATE: Brian Leiter responds to Campos’ latest charges in an addendum to this post.

FURTHER UPDATE: Haven’t had enough of this?  Scott Lemieux is distressed we’ve not taken sides in what Above the Law appropriately calls a “Celebrity Law Prof Death Match.”

STILL ANOTHER UPDATE: Yes, the insults and allegations are still flying.  See, for instance, Paul Campos’ latest post.  And were that enough, now we have one of Campos’ co-bloggers going after a Leiter co-blogger.  It’s almost as if these folks don’t have enough to do at their day jobs.

MORE SUBSTANTIVELY: Howard Wasserman asks about the real legal issues in this dispute.  I don’t know enough about the relevant privacy rules, but it seems to me that some of the various allegations could be libelous if untrue.  Does that mean the Leiter-Campos death match could end up in court?  I don’t think we have enough popcorn for that.

Aside from any legal issues, it is surprising to me that no one from The Faculty Lounge has sought to clear the air on whether identifying information about anonymous or pseudonymous commenters was shared with third parties.   TFL provides a valuable forum for discussion of many issues, particularly those related to legal academia (see, e.g. here), and it would be a shame to see such discussion chilled due to unfounded fears that some at TFL would not respect the privacy of forum participants.  If no such information was shared, folks at TFL should say so, and if such information was shared, it seems to me those responsible should provide some sort of explanation.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Faculty Lounge bloggers posted Monday that they never shared identifying information with Brian Leiter.

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