Federal Judge Re-Opens Langley Fork Park

A federal judge has ordered the National Park Service to re-open Langley Fork Park, at least temporarily.  The Washington Post reports:

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the National Park Service to immediately reopen Langley Fork Park in McLean — which was closed Oct. 1 — and allow the boys and girls of the McLean Youth Lacrosse organization back onto the fields.

The judge’s order was not final. Attorneys are scheduled to return to federal court in Alexandria on Oct. 18 — provided the courthouse is still open and judges are still hearing civil cases — to hash out a more permanent resolution. But until then, Langley Fork Park will be open for the hundreds of kids in the youth lacrosse group, which sued the Park Service, and for anyone else who might want to use it.

According to the article, while Langley Fork Park is owned by the federal government, it is managed and operated by the county park authority.

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