“Snowden’s Jig”

Though hesitant to interrupt serious discussion with something so frivolous, in light of today’s New York Times’ editorial describing Edward Snowden as a whistleblower and calling for clemency, I offer you … “Snowden’s Jig.”


(Otherwise known as “Genuine Negro Jig,” and composed by the Snowden Family Band, a 19th century African-American musical group based in Ohio that performed for many decades, both before and after the Civil War. The music video is by the Carolina Chocolate Drops, a North Carolina-based band devoted to carrying on the tradition of African-American old time string band music, and whose 2012 album, Leaving Eden, is a stunner if you like American roots music. Here’s an alternative version of Snowden’s Jig in a live festival performance by the Carolina Chocolate Drops.)

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