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Constitutional Law After ObamaCare

The Manhattan Institute will be hosting a promising conference on this topic at the Century Club in New York City on Thursday evening, November 29th. I have been asked to speak about The Subjects of the Constitution and The Objects of the Constitution. Other speakers are Prof. Michael Greve of George Mason Law School; Prof. Richard Epstein of NYU Law School; and attorney/commentator Adam Freedman. The moderator will be James Copland, Director, Center for Legal Policy, Manhattan Institute. As I understand it, New York CLE accreditation is pending. Information and registration here. [...]

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National Firearms Law Seminar

Every year at the NRA Convention, the NRA Foundation puts on a day-long National Firearms Law Seminar. For attorneys in search of Continuing Legal Education that is actually interesting–or who are just in search of knowledge–the Seminar presents a nice balance of cutting-edge law, along with helpful advice for legal practice. This year’s panelists include Stephen Halbrook, David Hardy,  and me (on international law), as well as Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery, and legal experts from the FBI and BATFE. The luncheon speaker will be Glenn Reynolds, who may also be mixing his well-known margaritas at the cocktail reception afterwards. So if you will be in Pittsburgh on April 29, please consider registering. [...]

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Computer Search & Seizure / Miranda v. Arizona Slides

Tomorrow I will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico giving a Continuing Legal Education lecture to the federal district court bar and otherwise ignoring my grading duties. My lecture will cover two topics: Computer Search and Seizure law (2 hours) and an Overview of Miranda v. Arizona and the law of police interrogations (1 hour). I made powerpoint slides for the lecture that have been converted to .pdf and are available here.

Note that a few slides are already a bit outdated even though I finished them only about 10 days ago: Quon has been taken up by the Supreme Court, and the Ohio Supreme Court reached a different result on search incident to arrest for cell phones. [...]

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