The Chertoff Rumor:
If the rumors are true that Gonzales will soon resign and Bush will nominate Chertoff to replace him as AG, that would be a very positive development. Gonzales should have left months ago for the good of the Department, and his departure would be better late than never. Chertoff would be a strong choice for AG: as a former AUSA, former Assistant AG for the Criminal Division, and former federal judge, he's a much better fit as AG than he was as Secretary of Homeland Security. In a perfect world it would be better to have an outsider come in as AG to let the Department of Justice make more of a fresh start. But then we don't live in a perfect world, and among the realistic options I think Chertoff is the natural choice. On the other hand, I don't know enough about DHS to know who would or should replace Chertoff. Any thoughts?

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