From the Mordbidly Interesting "Mondoweiss" Blog

comes a "gem."

I find Anti-Israel Blogger Philip Weiss morbidly interesting, and I occasionally happen upon his blog. Weiss finds his own Jewish background alternatively suffocating and infuriating, and yet can't seem to stop talking about it, and about how he's trying to overcome it. [Recent example: "My experience of Jewish life is that it's elite-oriented. We cared deeply about prestige (yiches, in Yiddish) and excellence in my family, and I came to find those values suffocating.... The contempt for peasants is something I always found concerning in my own cultural background, that I seek to reform in my own Jewish experience.] If a Woody Allen character ever became an anti-Zionist polemicist, he would be a lot like Philip Weiss.

Anyway, Weiss, whose blog seems to attract commenters on vacation from the Vanguard News Network even though he appears to be quite leftist (dislike of Jews making strange bedfellows), believes that U.S. politics is firmly and absolutely under the control of the dreaded "Israel lobby." But he has a problem--Sarah Palin, who is no one's idea of the pro-Israel community's top choice for V.P. He writes:

Strict application of the Israel lobby [controls everything important in American politics] theory would not have predicted Sarah Palin. Romney, Lieberman, anybody but. Palin's an unknown quantity and she likes to buck lobbyists. Culturally she's not tight with Jews; I wonder how many she's even met. I don't think Lieberman's well-heeled friends will be fond of her. So why not throw out the theory?

The answer, of course, is that people don't believe bizarre conspiracy theories for logical reasons, so logic won't have any affect on those theories. Not surprisingly, though Weiss doesn't reach that conclusion. A brief window into a certain mindset.

UPDATE: At about the 7 minute mark, this video shows that Palin has a small Israeli flag in the window of her office. Guess Weiss can relax.