Anjan Mukherjee Named to Obama's Economic Policy Transition Team:

I am happy to note that my friend and Lexington High School classmate and debate teammate Anjan Mukherjee has been named to Barack Obama's transition team group on Economics and International Trade. Anjan is currently a managing director with the Blackstone Group, a major private equity firm.

Anjan is a very smart guy. He had probably the best academic record in the history of Lexington High up to that time, and was also a formidable debater (one of the top 10-20 in the country during our junior and senior years). Obviously, he has gone on to bigger and better things since then, including reaching a high position at Blackstone at a very young age. Anjan's political views and mine have always been substantially different; so his appointment doesn't do much to alleviate my fears that the Obama Administration and Democratic Congress will implement a major expansion of government. Nonetheless, I congratulate Anjan on the well-deserved honor, and wish him well.