Cool Blogs -- Outside Law, Public Policy, and Politics:

A few of my cobloggers and I decided to pitch some of our favorite non-law, non-public-policy, non-politics blogs. Here are two that I highly recommend:

1. GeekPress, mostly cool science and technology stories. A sample, from the current front page -- go to the site itself for links:

"The top 10 hand gestures you'd better get right". (Via GMSV.)

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If you stand far enough away from this image you will see the Mona Lisa. (Via BBspot.)

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The politics of time zones. (Via SciTechDaily.)

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Positive review of tonight's premier of Bionic Woman.

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"The Man Who Saved the World by Doing... Nothing" ...

(As you can tell, law, public policy, and politics infects even GeekPress, but still it's mostly science and tech stuff.)

2. Language Log, which, as you might guess, is about language and is written by linguists. An excerpt can't do it justice -- go there and take a look.

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More Cool Non-Law Blogs:

1. A very erudite blog run by Professor John Granger, who is so knowledgeable, hard-working, and good-hearted that he is undoubtedly a distant relative of Hermione Granger. Be sure to check out the blogroll too for more excellent Potter sites, especially the excellent Sword of Gryffindor.

2. The Anchoress. Musings on life, ethics (and sometimes current events) from an intelligent Roman Catholic perspective.

Still More Cool Non-Law Blogs:

I admit that most of the blogs I visit regularly are law or policy-related. But, like Eugene and David, there are some others I like to check out.

I love movies, so there are a decent number of movie-oriented sites I like to visit. One is the film blog Libertas, "a forum for conservative thought on film," created by my college friend Jason Apuzzo, founder of the Liberty Film Festival. I don't know if Ain't It Cool News actually qualifies as a blog, but it's a site I religiously for links to the latest movie trailers, news, and rumors about movies underway. It publishes lots of junk, but it's also the best place for trailer links, on-the-set video footage, and rumors about certain types of movies.

I suspect most VC readers are familiar with Wonkette, the D.C. political gossip blog. If you find that site fun, you might like some of Gawker Media's other sites. Two I check out (and actually prefer to Wonkette since Ana Marie Cox and David Lat left), are Idolator (music) and Deadspin (sports).

As a Philadelphia native, I would be remiss if I did not mention some Philly team sports blogs. The best Philadelphia Eagles blogs, for instance, are Iggles Blog and Bleeding Green Nation. Hockey season is underway, and I have high hopes for the Flyers, so I'll be visiting Flyers Fan Central regularly too.