Randy Barnett Attracts the Envy of Sci-Fi Geeks:

Co-blogger Randy Barnett is no doubt attracting the envy of science fiction geeks all over the internet by appearing in a movie with Marina Sirtis and Walter Koenig. As Randy mentions, Sirtis played Counselor Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Koenig played Mr. Chekhov in the original Star Trek, and the sinister Psi-Cop Bester in Babylon 5 (one of the most interesting characters in that show, in my view).

Perhaps we can look forward to Randy's next appearance in a movie on The Law of Star Trek. Better still, he and Koenig could star in a Babylon 5 sequel on the legal issues raised by telepathy and the Psi-Corps (of which Bester is a powerful member). Many of the Psi-Corps' functions surely violate numerous constitutional rights that Randy has defended in his scholarship.

This proposal will join my plan for a Superman film where he learns about opportunity costs on the list of Hollywood scripts I hope to write. If you work for a Hollywood studio, my people are waiting to hear from your people!