The Cast
In the previous post I mentioned Walter Koenig, who as screenwriter is the moving force behind the film, Marini Sirtis and Richard Hatch. Here are some other principal cast members: Courtney Peldon ("Boston Public"), Eric Avari ("Stargate"), Jay Acovone ("Providence" "Stargate"), Patricia Tallman (various "Star Treks"), Gary Graham ("Alien Nation"), and Richard Herd ("Seinfeld"). Only two actors are here now but most will be in the courtroom scenes, which are the climax of the film and bring together most of the principals. I have no idea what type of interaction I will be having with the actors. The main title actors have trailers just outside the sound stages. I imagine I will just be hanging out between scenes with the crew. Never having done anything like this before, I am a bit anxious about tomorrow But at least I was a prosecutor in real life and, when I was in the courtroom set earlier, it felt very natural. We'll see. At least I don't have to say anything until Monday.